BodyPaint 3D


Have all the necessary 3D tools in one window


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BodyPaint 3D is the next step you will do if you want to create a 3D image or animation and you don’t want to have a lot of problems.

It is a really good application for 3D modeling. If you are new in this, you will need some time until you will be able to create a really good image but it’s not so difficult as you think.

BodyPaint 3D lets you see the results of your work in real time, so the process become easier.

Colors, layers, materials, structure, animations,... all in the same window and you will be able to modify them just clicking on them. You will work directly on the 3D environment.

IF you want to get into the 3D world, BodyPaint 3D can be a good application and if you are already inside, it will give you extra features to make your creations better than ever.

It also includes some templates so you will be able to learn how to create and modify objects by using them.


15 days trial version

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